Be the best person you can be

I want you to be your best version of yourself. Self-improvement, once requiring proper effort and insight, now has been defined down to a few easy steps. So don’t be intimidated, come along with me on the journey of self-discovery. I’ll guide you through the process and rest assured in a few short minutes you’ll be on your way to being a whole lot better. Let’s start with an easy one. Meaningless …

Posted by SSGC on October 17, 2015

Yes actually I do own the road

What really pisses off drivers is when we cyclists ride like they own the road. There’s a reason for it though, we pretty much do actually own the road. So why do they crap on so much like they own it? Things Like, I Pay My Taxes Yeah yeah yeah, tell me again about your taxes. This is a fave rave for car drivers. The fact they actually pay for petrol, and there’s a tax on that petrol, means they o …

Posted by SSGC on September 29, 2015

Well Said Wanker

I only just recently discovered that Charlie Pickering (of The Weekly) is a wanker. I’m a wanker and you’re most definitely a wanker. We know this already because you’re here reading a blog about bikes. You probably ride one too, you wanker. Charlie rides a bike because “as white middle-class heterosexual mail it’s not often I get to feel like a hard done by minority”. Which is why he loves cyclin …

Posted by SSGC on July 25, 2015

Rainbows Aren’t Just For World Champs

If you’ve done something that is important and dear to you then I don’t see how someone else doing it diminishes what you’ve done. Unless of course you’re the guy above. And this guy comes along: [image type=”none” float=”none” src=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” style=”width: 100%;”] If …

Posted by SSGC on June 13, 2015

Getting Smarter | Smart Watches

My watch is a smart watch. It knows better than to ask me to charge it every second day and that’s its real genius. My watch doesn’t tell me my heart rate or how many kilometres I’ve pedalled because it knows I don’t really want that stuff. It doesn’t track my activity at all. It knows my activities are none of its fucking business. My watch knows better than to annoy with me texts or Facebook upd …

Posted by SSGC on May 29, 2015

Words And Music

I like words. I particularly like song words. I think they’re called lyrics or sommet. Doesn’t matter what they’re called, some of them are crafted gooder than others. Just about all words sound better when they’re sung. Ever stopped and thought about the words you’re listening to and realized they’re pretty crap without the music? That’s okay, it’s why they have the music.  Some lyrics probably a …

Posted by SSGC on May 13, 2015

Notes From An Ungrateful Dickhead

I have been given to some hyperbole at times. In my defense I moderate my most excessive opinions because even I know when I’m getting carried away. It’s nice when someone says these things for you though, especially when they put them in a way that makes them compelling. Stephen Lead has given voice to these thoughts, and other more intelligent thoughts, at Ignite Sydney. He does it in a concise …

Posted by SSGC on May 8, 2015

This Painful Bliss

Do something long enough and eventually you’ll have a moment. The moment. That little slip of time when everything is perfection. Buddhists monks fasted and meditated and mistook this moment for enlightenment. But you can get the same thing on a fixie if you stick at it long enough. There is no enlightenment. There is no knowledge. There is no personal growth. You grow up and you grow old and you …

Posted by SSGC on April 24, 2015

Reclaim The Bike

I’m going to say it. Reclaim Australia is not racist. In the same way my anti-gear group, Reclaim The Bike, has nothing at all to do with my almost pathological hatred of roadie scum. (What? These guys? Racists? But they look so nice.) My concern about gears is they represent a tax on cycling. Any idiot can see that. Have you ever looked at the price of a geared bike next to a single speed? The ge …

Posted by SSGC on April 15, 2015

On Barbecuing

Australian’s have never had a barbecue culture.Unless you count burning cheap pink sausages while standing around drinking VB as a culture.Attempts to get clever on the barbecue inevitably involve  the kind of foods that look fancy if you know nothing at all about food and cooking. Putting an onion and a piece of tomato on a skewer along with some tough old bits of steak is not the most sophi …

Posted by SSGC on April 6, 2015 Older posts Newer posts

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