Gloworm Lights X2 Review Part II: Getting Pissed Off!

gloworm x2 lights with dead LED

My approach to this blog (and life) is as an enthusiast. I try not to know too much about anything, something that seems to come natural to me, find the best in products, promote local brands, and encourage cycling and the industry behind it as much as possible. I rarely use this platform as a soap box to complain about things. Except today. Because Gloworm Lights are pissing me off. The Previous …

Posted by SSGC on March 31, 2016

Review: Reid SSCX Cyclocross Single Speed

Looking for a cheap entré into this winter’s cyclocross? Or just want a bike that’ll take you down a gravel road and back? Reid might have the answer for you in their single speed cyclocross bike, the Reid SSCX. How do you feel about Reid? I’ve ridden half a dozen of their bikes. What they deliver at the price is hard to knock. Doesn’t mean people don’t knock them. It’s easy to compare a $350 fixi …

Posted by SSGC on March 22, 2016

Gloworm X2 Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I do my research okay. Probably too much. Buying lights for the MTB earlier this year, I did so much research I was starting to give myself the shits. Eventually I had to make a decision. So I bought the Gloworm X2 lights and was immediately a happy camper. The Good: Gloworm X2 Performance The X2 lights throw out an impressive amount of light but it’s not the overall amount of light that makes the …

Posted by SSGC on July 17, 2015

State Bicycle Company Thunderbird Cyclocross SSCX

I’ll have to admit I’ve never ridden in a cyclocross event before and I’m probably unlikely to in the near future.  That doesn’t stop me loving the SSCX from State Bicycle Company. CanRdly Treadlies were kind enough to loan me one for the arvo and they’re bloody lucky I gave it back. (Apart from the fact they know where I live I might have thrown it into the van and made fast my escape.) This bike …

Posted by SSGC on July 13, 2015

Reid Wayfarer Review

Reid have got the whole urban bike thing sewn up at the moment. I would have thought the Wayfarer would have difficulty finding space in a crowded line-up of similar bikes. In fact, with the Create at one end, the Virtue at the other, and the Harrier in there somewhere,  I wondered where the Wayfarer would fit in. Riding the bike, I saw how all these bikes fit together. That’s why, for you dear re …

Posted by SSGC on July 6, 2015

Movie Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Any movie maker who has ever put a car chase in a movie will hail the brilliance of George Miller’s Mad Max Fury Road. What he’s got here, it’s not so much a car chase in a movie, it’s a movie in a car chase. Apart from a few pauses Fury Road is one long car chase. Some are calling it a reboot of Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior, which in many ways it is. Fury Road looks like the movie George Miller wan …

Posted by SSGC on May 26, 2015

Everything old is Nuvinci again

According to the Nuvinci wiki page, the general idea for this continually variable transmission has been around since the 1800s. The concept therefore is mature even if (some would argue) the technology is not. It’s a technology that has intrigued me since it arrived and won a design award some years back. Watching this video left me none the wiser.   I generally like the idea of hub based ge …

Posted by SSGC on May 2, 2015

What if you’re a tight-arse and you want some cheap straps for your pedals?

If you’ve been asking yourself this very same question then come on over and chat with me for a while. As a self-proclaimed commentator, bike blogger, all round tosser and famously tight-arsed shopper I couldn’t resist buying the K-PEDC pedals straps on eBay. If you’re fussy about your straps, have a brand you love and trust, or have $80 burning a hole in your pocket, then go talk to Colin. But if …

Posted by SSGC on November 11, 2014

Review: Single Speed Cycles Django. Not A Remix.

Whatever happened to 12″ remixes? How cool was it to have a new take on a fave song? But with more snare. And more samples. And heaps more snare. And less of that intrusive content the silly songwriters tried to put in.Something better came along, that’s what. DVD, MP3, and now we just steal content from the internet. Same thing here (but without the theft). The last Single Speed Cycles cycle I re …

Posted by SSGC on October 11, 2014

Review: Virtue One from Reid Cycles

I’ve lived a life without Virtue. I’m loyal to my friends and family. I love and respect my wife (when she’s not being too demanding) but I was without Virtue One. Until now that is. Now I have this Virtue: It’s new from Reid Cycles. This take on modern vintage is part of a series of bikes from Virtue that Reid Cycles now sell. I like the word “vintage” in this setting. It’s as truthful as it is m …

Posted by SSGC on September 7, 2014 Older posts

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