50 Bike That Changed The World

When your wife works in a library you’re never shy on for books. If you’re lucky some of them have bikes in them too. The latest bike book to make it home was 50 Bicycles That Changed The World.50 Bicycles That Changed The World is part of a series of lightweight pocket books talking around the topic of design. If you like the 50 bicycles book you can go check out 50 Typefaces That Changed The Wor …

Posted by SSGC on June 2, 2014

Close To Crying

For about six months now I’ve been trying to read this book: You’re probably familiar with it already. It was published three years ago, before Cadel won the tour, and was the story of Cadel, his cycling, his mum…and how he was…close to flying. (Say that last phrase a bit breathless if you can.) Soon after the book was published some┬áhumorist┬áreplaced the photo of Cadel with a more tearful one …

Posted by SSGC on May 5, 2012

Book Review: The Man Who Cycled The Americas

I’m trying to find out who said they hadn’t read anything they hadn’t written. The internet won’t tell me, which is a bit rude because the internet normally tells me everything. Was it Naomi Campbell? (Who perhaps should have said, I don’t read anything that hasn’t been ghost written for me.)Anyways, I’m in danger of falling into that hole, what with four websites and two blogs on the go… To my …

Posted by SSGC on September 4, 2011

Velo – Bicycle Culture and Design

There was a great deal of excitement in the GC SS house the other day because my wife had borrowed a copy of Velo — Bicycle Culture and Design from the local library (where she works). I’d first seen this book at Retrospect Gallery in Broadbeach but being too much of a tight-arse to buy it I put it on order with the Gold Coast Library Service instead. It’s been many months since then but happily …

Posted by SSGC on June 14, 2011

Take A Seat: Book Review

In 2006 Dominic set out on a tandem to ride from Alaska to Patagonia, picking up random stokers along the way. Two and a bit years later he arrived in the southern-most point of South America with two friends in tow.The book, Take A Seat, is his chronicle of the journey. Like all travel/adventure books it often falls into the I did this/I did that mode of writing, but thankfully Dominic did enough …

Posted by SSGC on May 16, 2011

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