Wooden Single Speeds

So maybe you fancy a single speed bike made from wood. Try Gary Gelego’s creation made from “Carbonwood”. (Is wood not carbon already?)

This guy from Sydney made the bike using plantation timber, which “takes adavantage of the strength of timber and cutting edge manufacturing processes, so its lightness and resilience rival steel or aluminium”.
For a tried and tested yet still obscure and wacky take on wooden bikes try Calfree Design’s bamboo bike. Sure, bamboo isn’t really wood, it’s grass, but whatever, it’s a pretty cool bike and no-one will do anything other than stand in drop-jawed amazement as you cycle by.

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  1. Silkwood Cycle Fan

    Hey have a look at what gus duncan is building
    Silkwood cycles hand built custom timber frames.
    made of various pieces of selected hard and softwoods,
    beautiful finish and great designs

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