“The photographer’s coming you clown.”

Ah…bike paths…somewhere to ride, a place to stroll, a great place to park your Harley…

I was riding along the Broadwater the other day on a crisp and clear Gold Coast autumn day. There were barbecues in the park and kids playing…and a Harley Davidson parked right in the middle of the path.

Standing beside the Harley was a joke with a goatee beard and a silly little Harley vest.

I had the following conversation with Harley dude:

Me: This isn’t really working for me.
Harley dude: What?
Me: It’s not really an appropriate use of a footpath is it?
Him: (after some thought to digest this) The photographer’s coming you clown!

I loved his response and could only wonder about the possibilities it opened up. Just  what might be justified by the impending presence of a photographer? Maybe a modern art installation in Harley dude’s living room entitled “Faeces On The Carpet” might be forgiven if someone were to come along and take pictures of it? 

As an aside, why do tricked up Harley’s always look like they’re designed by ten year olds? All that shiny chrome and spiderweb lattice rear vision mirrors, they remind me of pictures I drew in my infantile past. They’re a million miles from the minimalism of a good single speed bike.

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