So you wanna be an enviro-mentalist

Great. You’ve decided to do something for the planet. Good on you. I support that. It’s part of the reason I ride.Well here’s a short list of things you shouldn’t do.

  • Don’t shop at enviro stores or buy green products. In essence, buying stuff cannot make you green. Not buying stuff makes you green. Even that big tub of mutedly labelled washing liquid comes in a plastic bottle
  • Don’t live in the country and grow your own vegetables. Country living requires a lot of driving. Deck out the house in solar panels and low allergy everythings, have a compost toilet and organic garden…then get in the car and drive 50kms to work. Better off living in a flat downtown and buying your greens.
  • Don’t buy a single speed. Bicycles require a lot of energy to manufacture. Someone has to dig up the ore, convert it to steel, draw it into tubes, weld the tubes together, and then ship it halfway across the world. Aluminium bikes are far worse than steel. The smelting process for aluminium requires truly prodigious quantities of energy

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