Felt Single Speeds and Fixies

Felt Single Speeds and Fixies are looking good this season. They’re taking the entire urban cycling area seriously at Felt. Where once there was a massive gap between racing road bikes and those awful hybrids designed for people who don’t really ride, now we’re seeing bikes actually made for riding by riders. And Felt have been pretty sharp with their focus on this segment.

The Felt Gridloc shown above is their top end fixie/single speed and curiously for a bike that appears in the “Fixie” category of their website, it has three gears. The Sturmey Archer hub gears are a sensible way to give gears to a bike of this type but purists will of course be unimpressed.

Next down the line is the Felt Curbside. It shares the double-butted 7005 aluminium frame with it’s bigger brother and both has a sensible amount of braze ons for racks and fenders.
One thing I love about these bikes is the inclusion of a single speeder’s tool that has a spanner one end and a beer opener the other. Surly made their Jethro Tule years ago and Felt have sensibly copied the idea and attached one to each bike.

The bottom of the range Felt Fixie is the Dispatch. 

It too shares the same frame and also the carbon fork. I say it’s bottom of the range because it’s listed last on the Felt website, but the spec is impression and the Dispatch and Curbside might be separated more by the buyers likes and dislikes rather than price.
I saw one of these for sale at Paradise Point for $699. Looks very sharp for that price.

You can’t make a single speed range without going a bit chro-mo at some point and so we have the singular Brougham from Felt. The name seems to suggest some link with our British cycling past, when Pashley and Raleigh were knocking our classic racers made from steel. Their blurb sums it up:

Equal parts style and substance, the Brougham is Felt’s sleek new way to get around town. The frame consists of tried-and-true custom-butted 4130 Cromoly tubing, crafted with quick and agile track geometry, an oversized downtube, bladed aero seatstays and horizontal, machined steel dropouts. With a no-nonsense, trimmed handlebar and deep V-section aero rims, Brougham is made to breeze through traffic jams with speed and style.

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