Tokyo Bike

Tokyo Bike is website based company selling bikes out of Surry Hills in Sydney. Their blurb goes something like this:

Riding a bike in Japan is part of life. It’s about enjoying the ride, exploring the city, and the freedom that goes with that.

Tokyo Bike is a small and independent bicycle company which launched in the old Tokyo suburb of Yanaka eight years ago. 

More about slow, than fast, Tokyo Bike believes that speed is not always the aim, destination is only part of the story, and losing yourself in a city’s small back lanes and expansive parks and gardens, is one way of switching off and escaping it all.

The Tokyo Bike story is about simple bikes, that are reasonably priced, easy to ride and to carry, are pared back to the basic elements, and available in a wide range of colours.

Tokyo Bikes build bikes that look like bikes and probably for all I know ride like bikes too. I like their step-through for women and hope they sell a few against the silly suspension and funny riding position opposition. But we’re a single speed website and it’s there we’ll focus. The limited edition (shown below) is $950. It’s a chro-mo frame and beyond that I can tell you almost nothing. The website is disturbingly slight on details and has an annoying splash screen. Have a look for yourself at

Tokyo Bike SS Limited Edition $950

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