Fixed Up Fixies

Forget the new bikes with their massive investment in energy to manufacture and ship them. There are perfectly good bikes being thrown away and fixed up ready for you to ride away on.

The Bicycle Revolution

The Bicycle Revolution is only a short train ride away (in the West End of Bris) from the GC and there you’ll find an assortment of bikes rescued and resuscitated for your convenience.

Their blurb:

The Bicycle Revolution is almost ten years old and over that time it has seem many drastic changes in its management and vision for the future. In the past 12 months we gained new traction and as a result have seen major upturn in quality and productivity. We are sure that the only way to live up to our name is through our creativity and hard work. While we remain a non-profit worker owned co-operative our team atmosphere is essential, as a house divided will fall.

All frames are powder coated before assembly. The Fixie MkI is $790.

For the more adventurous a short hitch-hike to Toowoomba will take you Cycle Plant. They’re also regenerating bikes (like Doctor Who!) and selling them to the unsuspecting public. Dunno about prices for full bikes but frames start from $95.

Cycle Plant

Try your luck at

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