update to gold coast events post below

i may have been a bit naive but i just found out that the only way to get a ticket to gold coast  600 sounds concert is to buy a ticket to this abomination they call a race. personally i’d put sissy bars on my fixie before i showed any support for this event.

here’s a short rant in bullet point.

  • it has no international profile, yet is funded by qld government just like it’s still the indy. they’re in  dreamland.
  • it kills business. i know this because i run one and i loose too many man hours to this farcical race. some restaurants and cafes close down rather than deal with the patrons. domain and harvey normal nearly shut down. no-one outside of the race track gets any benifit.
  • it’s bad racing. the track is hopeless for v8s
  • it’s losing money, despite massive support from tax-payer and rate-payer money. how much we’ll probably never know. too much of the cost is hidden, like infrastructure costs
  • it sucks up infrastructure. the bridge at narrowneck is a beauty, pity the southport bridge is a cycling nightmare. if only the southport bridge was within the race precinct…
  • it’s dangerous for cyclists. for a period of about 3 months those concrete barriers make it dangerous to cycle through surfers
  • attendance is dwindling. give it up people! 

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