Hasa Single Speed from Cycling Deal

There area  couple of things that impress me about the Hasa Single Speed/Fixie from Cycling Deal. The price is amazing ($399) but that’s not what stands out to me, there being a couple of deals available at the moment for similar prices.

One thing that impresses me is that the brand Hasa is (almost!) a proper brand. That is, they exist as a brand and not just a generic product knocked out of one of the seemingly limitless factories in China. They’re a brand with a legacy (maybe a short one, who knows, website says circa 1990s), just not one we’ve heard of here in Australia. They have a cheap and nasty website but that’s quite common for Chinese.

Hasa single speed fixie

Secondly they use Reynolds tubing. Just about everyone makes a claim about their 4130 chromoly tubing. 4130 just means the steel has a certain amount of chromium and molybdenum, but says nothing about the purity of the steel, the way the tubes are drawn or its overall composition. Not all 4130 is born equal and that’s why Reynolds’ tubing (used here on the Hasa) has a range of tubings they manufacture. 520 (used on the single speed) sits down the bottom end of the Reynolds spectrum but I’ve owned a bike build with 520 and I would have no qualms about doing it again, especially at these prices.

The third thing is that the welds look very nice. To be honest you can’t really see the quality of the welds on the single speed but roving around the Cycling Deal website there are a few bikes of a lighter color that show up the welds better in photo. The welds on the titanium mountain bike frame below look very tidy.

Neat welding
Detail of the tricky bottom bracket area, nicely finished.
this is a photo of their titanium mtb. Dont expect the fixie
to be finished this neatly.

Now, the welding on the single speeds might be knocked out by a junior welder while the titanium is only trusted to the old guy who’s a wizard with the welder but at least we know there is considerable expertise in the factory and some of it might rub off. I recently bought a Mojo Bike frame (more on that later) and I deliberately bought the matt black frame knowing it would hide a multiplicity of flaws and I’m glad I did. It’s a great frame for the price but the welds aren’t something I want to look at every day (compared with my Cannondale, which is a thing of great beauty).

Rear drop-out


The components on the Hasa are mostly in-house Hasa stuff. Who knows what they’re like but I can’t imagine they’re any worse than the opposition. Many of the cheaper single speeds around don’t even tell you the brand of their hubs but those that do frequently use Quando. My one experience with these has led me to believe they’re knotchy as all buggery.


I can’t imagine the bike is perfect at this price but it certainly looks like it’s worthy of consideration. At $399 it’s hard to imagine you can go too far wrong.

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  1. Ian Michie

    My Hasa fixie jusy arrived. Three days to Byron Bay. Intact and undamaged. $299+$80 freight.Bike looks great, rides great is great. Finish is immaculate, welds are great and components seem too good to be true for the price. Assembly was a cinch. First impressions are way too good a bike for the price. My normal bike is a full carbon MS C7.
    Ian from Byron.

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