best rock songs of all time

this might not be exactly the right forum for this but it just happens to be my only forum so here goes:

5. this is serious mum — “i drive a truck

  • what more could you want in a rock song. the energy, the anger, the drums..and the totally meaningless lyrics. it distills the essence of rock by taking out the irrelevance of meaning or intent. truck you fixies.
4. beasts of bourbon — “chase the dragon
  • a song about drugs, it’s rock and roll already. leads in with a couplet that rhymes kampuchea with souvenir, so it might also make my list of songs with dodgy rhymes. tex perkins at his best, growling over the gringing guitar.

3. grinderman — “love bomb

  • the old guys tearing it up. nick cave summons some of his old angst and spits it out. doesn’t wallow in it. take note kids.
2. the drones — “minotaur

  • i have no doubt gareth liddiard is a brilliant songwriter because i have absolutely no idea what this song is about. first listens had me convinced he was really pissed about the relos visiting. i read elsewhere it’s a comment on gaming and internet usage. geez i hope so. i love the idea of someone getting to hopelessly impassioned over something so mundane.

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