Cooper Bikes Day of Thunder

A large crew of fixie fans were out at the Velo on Sunday for Cooper Bikes’ Day of Thunder. The last time I  saw so many fixies in one spot they were…well…leaned up against a pub in Melbourne. But our scene is smaller and given the amount of fixies you see locally this looked to be just about every fixie head on the Gold Coast.

Cooper Bikes had their entire range there, including my retro fave, the 5-speed Reims.  I can’t imagine what you’d do with all those gears but it’s a beautiful bike and I want one anyway.
Cooper Bikes T200 Reims, from their website.

Like so many things in life, the Cooper Bikes looked so much better in the flesh. (Think about that next time you’re surfing porn.) The real stand-out was the Cooper Bikes Championship 50. It is a model of understated sophistication, a bike for the aficionado, with it’s lugged Reynolds 531 frame and muted colours.

Cooper Bikes at Nerang Velo.

Unfortunately I was pressed between appointments and didn’t get to see the events unfold. Fixie GC were there so if you want some informed commentary head of there.

Sadly, the Sebring was handed back to Kurt from Cooper Bikes. I’ve done a review of my “first impressions” of this bike but lets face it, it was a reasonably comprehensive review. I’m assembling some extra thoughts and mindless ramblings on the Sebring and will publish them in due course.

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