Otoko Wet Shave Essentials

A friend of mine makes and sells a shaving product called Otoko Wet Shave Essentials. Otoko is a great name for a shaving company, the word meaning “man” in Japanese. And his shaving soap is the perfect way for a man to get rid of those facial bristles.

I have to admit to some impartiality as far as Otoko is concerned, not only being friends with the owner but I did his website also. So far I can only find one thing wrong with Otoko Wet Shave Essentials, and that is that it lasts too long. You really only need to buy this product once a year. That’s not a problem for you and me but I think it presents a problem for Jamie, the owner, because he’s unlikely to sell a truckload of these.

Otoko Wet Shave Essentials contains nothing that is artificial and is in fact not a soap at all. I’m not sure of the chemistry behind all this but in a nutshell, soap has caustic agents that scour the skin and Otoko has something else. Not sure what. I pretended to understand when I made the website but now I can’t really recall if I knew anything to begin with. Anyway, it’s on the website. What I can tell you is that it’s a great way to shave. Otoko has no overwhelming smell, is simple to use, gets a good lather, and lasts forever and a day. You skin feels good when you’re done, not all itchy and dry like when you’ve used soap.

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