The Ultimate Shopping Bike

Otre started with the idea of making a perfect bike for carrying luggage, one that you didn’t have to buy special luggage for. That idea gave birth to the Cino:

Cino by Otre

The result is a bike with an extended top tube that goes through to make a rack that can hold a large basket.

Why wear that messenger bag on your back?

Whether you’d be seen dead on such a funny looking bike is a matter for you to decide. I can’t see many fixie bike riders swapping wheels or even using this as a second bike, but I can see a few suburban bike commuters using them for a trip to work or picking up the groceries.

My problem with this kind of bike is it isn’t really designed for how I want to ride. (A criticism I have to temper against my desire to carry stuff, because my fixie isn’t exactly set up for carrying home the groceries.) I can see my stuff flying out over the first bump, a problem I’ve had before when borrowing my wife’s bike with a front loaded basket. I just can’t ever seem to slow down enough and be careful enough to accommodate this kind of luggage. I use a trailer at times and have had similar problems there. No solution is perfect.
Visit the Otre site here. Be warned, it’s one of those sites that hides it’s navigation in obscure symbols. (My pet hate. I’ll try not to dwell.) Click on the symbol of the spanner or bike.

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