Be a little fair this Easter

This Easter when you’re knocking back a post-ride feast of chocolate and beer please think about what it means to make that chocolate. If your chocolate hasn’t been certified fairtrade then it is almost certainly made with child labour.

Child labour is rife in west Africa, where about half the world’s chocolate is produced, and cocoa prices are so low that people aren’t paid enough to live. Families are so poor they might sell one child into labour so that the others can live.

Now chocolate taste pretty sweet and we have a sweet life here with all our bikes and surf and whatnot. What I’m asking you is to consider the not-so-sweet lives of the guys making your chocolate and make a decision to buy fairtrade chocolate. The cost of fairtrade over normal chocolate is so small (a few cents) that it hardly makes sense to be callous or uncaring enough to buy normal chocolate.

So let me make it easy. Cadbury is fairtrade. They’re Australia’s largest chocolate seller so you’ve got no excuse.

Over at the Fairtrade Association they have a list of fairtrade chocolate.

Read about it at Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne Justice Unit.

When you’re walking through Kmart, Coles or wherever, post-Easter, and you see those slightly broekn chocolate bunnies they’re selling for about 50cents, don’t even think about buying them if they’re not fairtrade. You buy that and you’re sending money back to the producers who refuse to pay an extra 2cents a bar, and you’re supporting child labour. It’ll taste like crap anyway. Those chocolate bunnies never taste as good as when you were a kiddy.

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