Endomondo GPS Phone App

I’ve already blogged about the Endomondo GPS running and cycling app. Since then I’ve discovered a few neat features and uncovered a few errors I made in the first review.

In the last review I said you couldn’t get max and average speed. That’s kinda true but only if you never log  onto the  Endomondo website. Once you’ve signed up (it’s free, yeah…) you can sync your phone with the website and have an amazing level of details waiting for you as soon as your workout finishes. The Endomondo app uploads your workout in real time, including such information as maximum speed, average speed, height ascended and  descended, calories consumed (express in burgers, I like that) and a map showing you in detail where you went. A graph shows you how fast you went and how high your climbed.

You can make your workout stats public for your friends to awe at or deride, as they see fit. Here are the stats from today’s little post-work hit-out:

Mountain biking
Start Time
Apr 21, 2011 4:35 PM
12.95 km
Avg Speed
10.5 km/h
Max Speed
34.7 km/h
589 kcal
46 m / 199 m
126 m ↑ / 199 m ↓

It looks so unimpressive when viewed like that. A fair bit of sweat went into that paltry 13kms.

The Endomondo website allows you to easily log your workouts over the course of  weeks and months and either impress yourself or see where you’re slacking off.

Compared with the old bike speedo that so impressed me 20 years ago Endomondo is on a whole other world of sports tracking. It makes me happy to be living in such wonderful times where technology and cycling can come together with such elegant ease, and at no expense. I can think of almost nothing not to like about Endomondo. It’s a great new cycling and running partner and the first thing I do when I get home now is log onto the website and disappoint myself.

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