Treadlie Magazine

Treadlie magazine

Let’s face it, Treadlie is the magazine I wish I wrote. It’s a magazine for cyclists interested in bikes for transport and recreation…but who also have style.

If that comment “also have style” has you vexed then please let me explain. Some other magazines for cyclists who just like to cycle (but not for sport or niche recreation like BMX or MTB) have the earnestly righteous  air of a prayer meeting. The people inside look like they’ve tried hard to obey all the stop signals, indicate with their hands when they’re turning left and right, be kind and polite to the nice people in cars and whose children hate them for being so dreadfully boring. In short, they’re the kind of dags who give cycling a bad name by trying so very hard to give it a good name.

Treadlie is less earnest, more stylish, and there’s not a single “how-to” article in the whole magazine.

If anything, Treadlie magazine can sometimes be a victory of style over content. The content is good, there’s just not a whole crap load of it. The quality and diversity of the pictures do compensate and it’s a nice dreamy coffee table magazine for staring at and going “oooh” and “aaah” at the nice bikes. More importantly, it’s probably the only cycle magazine I’ve ever brought into the house (and there have been hundreds of those) that my wife has taken an interest in. I like to savour my magazines. After the initial flick through I try not to consume it too fast. With Treadlie, before too long my wife was pointing out  items of interest that I hadn’t yet found myself. This to me is a case in point, if you want to convert people to cycling then stop crapping on so much about the actual cycling and for fuck’s sake stop wearing stupid cycling clothes made of lycra and with reflective bits in them.

Treadlie magazine is in issue number 2 and it covers a great deal of the same stuff I’ve covered or would want to cover.
Tokyo Bike. And my foot.

Stylish cycling clothes

Cargo Bikes

Random people in the street with bikes!

I loved the article on Joe Simone in this issue of Treadlie. Joe runs a hip little cafe in inner city Melbourne and he buys his produce in the morning at Vic Markets and carts it back to the cafe in his cargo bike. It says Joe love biking because it’s the “last bastion of the urban outlaw in an uptight nanny state drunk on municipal regulation…” Hooray to that. 

Treadlie magazine is all the proof you’ll need that cycling can be cool and that only bogans love their cars. It’s very hard to find in the shops so you might want to check out Treadlie’s website to subscribe online. You even win shit. 

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  1. Groover

    There is only one negative I have to add if I may: that it’s published only quarterly. I’m already counting the days for issue #3…

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