Viva la Republic Bikes

My wife has been taking quite an interest in fixies since she was featured in the posts of this blog last week. She’s even spotted a new bike me. Doesn’t mean I’ll post her again though…

A Republic Bike

The Republic Bike website is like the Mojo Bike website…except in 3D. Looking at them I wonder who copied who or what they might have in common. Their websites are very similar, even down to the distinctive three lines they use for the E in their logo. I tried to argue with my wife over who had the best looking babes, something that I couldn’t quite engage her on, and I think that this is really the only way to separate the two sites.  As much as I’m enchanted by mini-skirt girl from Republic (see below) I have to admit that Mojo still win in the babe factor.

Mini-skirt girl from Republic Bike

Mojo babe

Of course, Republic Bike does have 3D, which is almost as much fun as it sounds. It’s not the kind of 3D where blue people leap out of the screen at you, just an ability to rotate the bike as you dress it up. It’s more of a gimmick than a real selling tool…but I love a gimmick.

The bikes at Republic Bike look disturbingly similar to the bikes at Mojo Bike. In my opinion that’s not a bad thing. I love the look of my Mojo Bike and have written at great length about the ride of this bike. If the Republic Bike rides like the Mojo then I say go get one.
Once delivered the Mojo and the Republic Bike come out at about the same price. I guess it depends on whether the dollar is high or low.

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