Some cautious words about buying online

You have to be careful about defaming the shitheads in case they turn litigious. So let me just say that if you were to google the words “ripped off by PureMTB” you’d find a wealth of unhappy people.

For example:

My own story begins almost a year ago when I bought some Stan’s No More Tubes online at the Pure MTB shop. The parts never arrived and my repeated attempts to contact the (alleged) shitheads at Pure MTB met with total silence.

I’ve bought stuff online before and I guess I will again but I’m also a local businessman and know what it means for people to shop local. What I intend to do in future is get off my lazy arse and go down the shops and buy shit where the shit is available. I bought my lovely Mojo frame online and I’d do it again in a heartbeat, because it’s a great product and you cant buy a fixie frame in the shops of the Gold Coast. But when it comes to gloves and shoes and shit I’ll do my local shops a favour and buy local. It’s the only way we can get a thriving bicycle scene happening on the Gold Coast. And of course, at least  I get the shit I want and if it’s no good I know who to take my shit back to.

Here are a short list of people I have bought online with and who are not shitheads

  • Velogear
  • Mojo
  • Torpedo7
If you have any experiences of shopping online, either good or bad, feel free to share them.

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