This sure smacks the llama’s arse

It’s so nice that we celebrate our queen’s birthday, sometimes even on a day that is actually her birthday. It’s all about public holidays and making it work for us.The most significant thing about the Queen’s birthday public holiday is that it closes the public holiday season. It was a hectic season this year, with Easter going for about 2 weeks and public holidays bookending it and then a wet and wintry weekend in June to finish it off.

Yes, it pissed down in Brunswick Heads where I was holidaying. The ideal last hurray of summer that I had so hoped for did not eventuate but was instead replaced with gale force winds and pouring rain, much like you’d expect in Victoria or Tasmania.

Good did rise out of the poo pile of QBH weekend though. I snaffled this lovely Peugeot mixte bike at the All of Brunswick Garage Sale. My tolerance for looking through other peoples’ old shit is somewhat limited but when I spotted this bike while driving into town I got my shop on. I was momentarily distracted by the $100 tandem (who wouldn’t want a tandem for $100) but it was already sold so I got back on the mixte path and marched down the road to get the Peugeot.

Then I marched back up the road. I’m really not very good at this shopping thing. But I did eventually locate it and secured it for the paltry sum of $40.

Peugeot Mixte

It’s had some touch up paint applied over the other paint, which was already covering some more paint and some rust, and the cranks are stuffed and the brake blocks have long ago petrified into solid wooden blocks, but at $40 this is a lovely bike that’ll once again raise to its glory (or get forgotten in the back shed, whichever…).

I have another Peugeot frame,this one a racing frame, that is getting the full reno and fixie treatment as we speak. It’s made of Columbus Thron tubing and really is a nice piece of work. I’ve been riding it for years and have only recently stripped it down. I’ll keep you posted.
Peugeot frame getting fixed

I love the simplicity of the fixie lifestyle, one gear minimalism…multiplied by 5 bikes…oops…

The other great thing about the long weekend was I got to pat a llama.
Don’t be allarma-ed. It’s me a small South American camelid. Unless it’s a yak, in which case it’s from Nepal.

I found this cutey in the main streets of Byron. I could see tourists thinking, “Of course there’s a llama in the main street of Byron. It’s why I came here.”

His name was Pedro.

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