Mixed blessings at Goldcross

I’ve bagged out Goldcross so many times in this blog I almost start to feel sorry for them when something else goes wrong. The current crew at Goldcross Harbour Town are a good crew of guys and they seem to have gotten rid of the moron who used to be in charge. How such an inept fool managed to get the top job at the store is beyond me.

I got good service there from some keen and reasonably knowledgeable staff yesterday. I bought a 16tooth freewheel  (yep, I’m not fixed people) and they fitted it for free. The process took about 30minutes but that was excusable because they were fitting it in between other jobs. The real problem was the wheel slipped on the ride home and I had to walk my bike home the last 500 metres. This is a good argument in favour of doing you own maintenance.

I did spot some bargains at Goldcross though. This PK Ripper from SE bike in a muted orange colour is about  $500.

PK Fixed Gear
Looks like it’s build solid as a brick and has killer looks as well.
For those who a really need to enter into the fixie market at the lowest end the have a decent fixie for getting round town for $250. You can’t go too far wrong at that price.

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