Chunky chicken run

I knew that at some point during my tenure with the Chunky Toad I would have have to challenge myself and the bag with something a little stupid, such as carrying home the entire weekly grocery shop or using it to smuggle small children into the country. Thankfully the opportunity presented itself this morning in the form of a commute to the lifestock feed store to get food for Kate and Willamina.

Willie in the house, not her natural habitat I assure you.

I stood before the chook food contemplating just how far I was prepared to go with this. Would a 20kg bag be possible? Thankfully, having hauled 10kg home, I can now say in retrospect I’m glad I didn’t got beyond my limits. 20kg would have killed me.

How the hell overweight people cycle anywhere is beyond me. A extra 10kg of pork around the waist is easy to accumulate and yet I could barely get out of the pedals. On my first small hill I uttered audibly, “Oh bugger.” Hats off to all the fatties who ride.

BOGear Chunky Toad with 2 x 5kg poultry feed.

The big main compartment of the Chunky Toad swallowed the 10kg of chook feed pretty easily. The bag sat comfortably on my back, though I did adjust the straps several times on the fly to distribute the load, letting weight off the shoulders and onto the hips. A word of warning though, if you’ve been consuming diuretics all morning (such as tea and coffee)  the waist belt will press alarmingly on your bladder. Like an old man with a leaky prostate I snuck off to the first dunny I could find.

Load and bag.
In some ways I’m a good crash test dummy for large loads, having accumulated a series of injuries to my back (care of trampoline, bicycle and IRB) that make it difficult for me to carry large loads without painful repercussions. I wouldn’t want to carry Kate and Willie’s feed more than a few kims but at least with the clever design of the Chunky Toad I can haul that far without incident.
Now I think I’ll head out for a quick spin and experience the weightless feeling of not having a big arse bag full of layer pellets on my back.

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