Tanks for clear lanes

I can see how it happens, someone needs to quickly duck into shops for two minutes, or pick-up their loved ones, and they park illegally for a minute or two. Who could it possibly hurt? Thing is, I can’t ever go for a ride without having to swerve into traffic to avoid an illegally parked car.

As a lowly bike rider I’m a bit powerless to do much about this problem other than to look over my shoulder before I swerve into the path of one tonne vehicles swooping past at 60-80 kms/hr. New York resident Casey Neistat empowered himself with a video that went “viral” (“viral” being a modern word for “popular”, just as “cloud” is a modern word for “internet”). He’s the man responsible for this wonderful video:

I’m not that creative and sadly forgot to take my phone the last time I had a run in (or we’d now be laughing at the wonderfully distorted logic of 4WD Moron in video).

Well…Lithuanian mayor Arturas Zuokos has a novel approach to the problem. He runs them over in tanks.

Where the hell is Mayor Ron Clarke’s tank?

Check out the Mayor’s publicity stunt…sorry…video:

Our local mayor, Ron Clarke, would cruise his electorate in a tank if he had sufficient political back-bone. Obviously he’d have to exercise some due diligence and not actually crush any cars with people inside them but at least he’s had a workable solution demonstrated to him. As someone who has at least a half-dozen parking tickets under his belt I can tell you that the current deterrent model just isn’t working. I’ve never actually parked in the wrong place (just overstayed my welcome) but if my car had to be crushed to death as part of a campaign to clear the lanes then so be it.

It would certainly make more sense than most of the other stuff Ron does.

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