Shopping with the Chunky Toad

The Chunky Toad is fast becoming part of my lifestyle. A run to the dog park on the Mojo turned into a shopping run at what my friend refers to as “the bogan shop”, otherwise known as Aldi to you and me.What I love about the Chunky Toad is that it can slip into full chunky mode without notice.  With my normal bag I’m used to being selective about what I buy. On more than one occasion the check out chick has asked me, “Are you going to fit all that in there?’ To which I answer, “Yes, because I have to.” But there’s usually something hanging on the handlebars and the bag is so chockers there’s some odd shaped object poking me in the ribs.

The BOGear Chunky Toad takes twice the load and still is only three-quarters full:

Nearly full BOGear Chunky Toad

There were a few heavy items in the load which only reinforced once again how good the Chunky Toad is at carrying large loads. I have to say I still love my Crumpler messenger  bag but with my back being a big old and cranky a good backpack is probably a better option for me, especially when the loads get heavy. If I want get home with a load like this without expensive chiropractic care then the Chunky Toad will have to be my new best friend:

The chunky load laid out.
To be fair, the dog wasn’t actually in the bag, she was running along beside me, but there is a chook, some cans of salmon, a bag of frozen fish and some other gear there. The two cans of condensed milk are part of my effort to make the perfect teh tarik,  a taste I developed in Malaysia but dont seem to be able to successfully reproduce back home. It’s also awesome for creamed rice, the perfect post-ride fill up, so if I give up on the tea I’ve still got an outlet for my stockpile of sweetened condensed milk.

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  1. pao

    Teh Tarik! How do you make yours, if you don’t mind me asking? 😀 Sorry, I got excited at the mention of that drink. Have you tried ‘Cham’ while you were in Malaysia?

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