Etiko Sale

Etiko Shoes

My favourite shoes from this world and the next are Etiko. They look like Converse Chucky Taylors but are made with all certified organic cotton and natural rubber soles. They last for ages, look pretty cool and are great for riding. (The latex rubber sole is far gripper than the artificial rubber we’ve become accustomed to.)

Best of all, they now have a sale on, so go check them out at Etiko.
It might not be cycle related, but they make great soccer balls too. I take mine down to the game with me as a warm up ball and it has been used too many times as the match balls, the club’s match ball being the less preferred option by most players. I now make sure it’s a bit flat in order to make it less popular. I’m sick of realizing half way through a game that the ball we’re kicking around is in fact mine.

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