Mottos to live by

Put these on a t-shirt. First was misquoted by my friend Shano.

Train hard. Eat hard.

Amen to that brothers.

The second was read out to me by my wife from the local newspaper, normally a source of inspiration by annoyance but in this case gave me something to agree with:

If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get one.

Hopefully one day I can see my gay friends chained to the yoke of marriage just like I was. Sorry, meant to say something beautiful like “recognise their love in ceremony”. Don’t know where that came from.

(Please note that due to a typo this blog was almost called “Motos to live by”. Deus ex Machina are a little too cool for school nowadays but they’re still the only motorcycle I know that’s nearly as desirable as a well turned-out fixie. I’m sure Deus knock out a few fixies too. Used to. Not on the Deus ex Machina website anymore so far as I can tell.)

This Deus ex Machina has nothing to do with this blog really

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