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Thanks again to Chris McEng for posting us a link to these bikes via Facebook. I saw these bikes first in issue #3 of Treadlie magazine and they struck me straight away as being one of the most beautiful and original bikes designs I’ve seen for a long while.

Van Hulsteijn

Like most designers, Van Hulsteijn has got himself one of those very pretty but quite useless Flash driven websites. This seems to be a rule with anyone with a design bent. You could even judge their place within the design world by visiting their website. The less useful the website the more revered the designer.

Thankfully the article in Treadlie has some useful information.

Van Hulsteijn (my inner voice says something like van-hool-stein…if you’re Dutch feel free to correct me) is a Dutch bloke with a background in furniture design. According to conventional thought, not being a bicycle designer allows him to follow an unconventional path to bicycle design. Hence the beautiful curves of the Van Hulsteijn.

Van Hulsteijn

Anyone who take a cursory look at this bike would expect a fair deal of compliance in the rear. Van Hulsteijn’s mate Damhuis (damn-hoos?) defends it’s horizontal compliance, saying the rear end is nice and stiff laterally but that the seat has a bit of spring, like “perfect suspension” (Quote from Treadlie.)

They’re incredibly gorgeous and no doubt very reasonably priced… I might pick one up while summering in Tuscany this year. Thankfully Van Hulsteijn doesn’t shop his bike around at bicycle shows (too bourgeois darling) so I’ll just have to drop into Milan Design Week for a closer peak…

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  1. Anonymous

    I got a frame late last year and I agree with Damhuis. There is no horizontal flex and the road vibration absorption of the beam is quite pleasant. My only gripe is the reduced stand over height due to the high than normal top tube.

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