Kendrick Monk hit by car while cycling

Some damned fools in a car knocked over swimmer Kendrick Monk and drove away laughing. Kendrick is pretty sure he’s been targeted because he’s a major threat in the pool. It’s  kind of a Tonya Harding thing but without the fake smile.

Who says it’s only ex-footballers who go to fat. Tonya Harding from Wiki.
Thing is, I’ve had people try to kill me in a car and I’m neither a threat within the pool or without. I’m sure the general public are reading about Kendrick and are aghast at the foolishness and recklessness of these drivers, unaware that guys like these are part of the every day experience of riding a bike. Thankfully we don’t often end up in hospital but it’s not like the drivers care whether we live or not. You certainly couldn’t interpret any notion of caring from their driving.

Hopefully police catch these morons and we find out their motivation for running Kendrick off the road. They’re probably motivated by Kendrick’s success but I still don’t dismiss the notion that they’re just another set of morons on four wheels.
Kendrick still looks better than Tonya. Courier Mail.
Hopefully Kendrick can have a full recovery and wipe them in the pool come the Olympics in Old Blighty.

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