Fixie babes!

I hate lost productivity. I’m a business owner and I know what it means. So it saddens me how often my blog misleads people.

See, I check out my Google stats. And there are always a couple of odd ones in there. Like the amount of people who come looking for Vanmoof bicycles (nearly 100 a month, and all I have is a terrible photo and some ill-informed opinion) or the large quantity of disappointed people looking for “retrospect bikes”. (I once did an article on the Retrospect Gallery, nothing ever about retrospect bikes there at all. )

And every month I get a whole swag of hits on “fixie babes” and there’s not a fixie babe anywhere in my entire blog. So much time wasted on futile searches, month after month and all I had to do was whip out some babes and the whole fixie workforce could knuckle down again.
I’ve been resisting the impulse to be honest. It’s a bit cheap. A bit too easy. (And my wife reads my blog.) But today I’m focussed on the productivity and with that in mind I’m going to appease the fixie babe crowd with some gorgeous fixie babes. 
Here goes:

There’s more where that comes from. Below we have fixie babe number two:


And so it goes on. More fixie babes:


Potentially I have just saved hundreds of man hours every month. That would be the amount of time people spend following dead ends to my site during their “fixie babe” search. I can relax now knowing that those people who search for “fixie babes” every day and land on my blog will now in fact find some fixie babes and both babes and fixies will be of a very high caliber.

Sadly though I have to tell you they’re not actually my fixie babes. If you really want to get your fix on fixie babes then go to TheFixFixFix. They’re fixed up with fixie babes to the absolute eyeballs. Here’s one more just to prove it.

Now get back to work.


  1. Anonymous

    Fixie Babe No. 2 is not riding a Fixie, it is a 9 Nishki Modulus with 2×7 gears from the early 90ies.

    1. James Pollock

      Yes but she’s wearing a polka-dot swimsuit.

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