Monkey business

I couldn’t make sense of my Google stats this last couple weeks. For some reason I kept appearing very high in the search engine rankings for “Kendrick Monk“. With his hit-and-run accident with the skateboard being such big news there was no way in hell I should be within coo-ee of the top anything in Google, not with all the news agencies to compete against.

A cyclists worst enemy.

Thing is, the news agencies have fact checkers, sub-editors, researchers and the lot. They make mistakes but on the whole they’re known for their accuracy. On the other hand there’s me…
Turns out his real name is Kenrick Monk (without the d you see?) and all I’ve done is attract a lot of similarly semi-literate people, just like me. The magic of it is I’ve gained an extra 50-odd hits that I never would have gained had I known how to spell. 
I love the strange and wonderful ways of the internet. Turns out that, for me, being inaccurate is more beneficial than being accurate. And you can certainly expect more of that from me.

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