Did you ride to work? I didn’t

It was Ride to Work day today. That’s what I’m told. I work from home so I don’t qualify for a Ride2Work sticker. I’ll ride to soccer in a few minutes, which is all well and good, but still I get no sticker.

Ride2Work is a bike thing. Riding to work in a car or bus is implicitly against the intentions of the day. Just thought I’d clear that up in case anyone thought their ride to work in their mate’s V8 qualified them for a sticker.

My wife is head of Ride2Work at her work. Not sure exactly how many staff qualified for stickers today, but I suspect you could stop counting at one. She was super keen to avoid walking or driving to work today, of all days, so very shortly before she was due to depart I was dragged down to the shed to mend a puncture. So that’s it, I’ve done my bit for world peace, global warming and polar bears. But still I get no sticker.

Sara Phillips rode to work today and clearly she thinks she’s saved a few polar bears and contributed to world peace. I ardently believe everything Sara says but I’m always concerned when well-meaning people say things too ardently. Sara will either be preaching to the converted or giving the car drivers another good reason to hate us, because now we’re sanctimonious preachy types too. That’s cool though, every good movement needs its opposition.

Did you now that “in Copenhagen 40 per cent of people ride instead of drive”? I did, because I read loads of dull books about cycling and I bore my wife with all my useless facts. Doesn’t Sara have a partner whose eyes she can glaze over?

Sara gives a number of great reasons for cycling to work, none of which have anything to do with being able to eat a donut and slurp a coffee while stuck in traffic, so I’m afraid much of what she says will fall on deaf ears. But she does qualify for a sticker, so I’m a bit jealous. Well done you Sara for evangelising the cause but remember there’s really only one good reason to cycle. Because you love  it.

So now do I get a sticker? Please?

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