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There are so many great looking fixies available for you to buy online but we’re always left wondering, what are they really like? I will hopefully soon be catching up with Luke from Single Speed Cycles in the next week or so to get a first hand impression of his well priced bikes. Here’s a quick preview of one of his steeds:

Single Speed Cycles Corsa, only $324 and 95 cents

Meanwhile we’ve had some feedback from Ian Michie from Byron Bay who has recently acquired a Hasa fixie. Many thanks to Ian for his comments:

My Hasa fixie just arrived. Three days to Byron Bay. Intact and undamaged. $299+$80 freight.Bike looks great, rides great is great. Finish is immaculate, welds are great and components seem too good to be true for the price. Assembly was a cinch. First impressions are way too good a bike for the price. My normal bike is a full carbon MS C7.

Hasa fixie

These bikes can only be good for cycling. At last we’ve abandoned all the rubbish that made cheap bikes so unrideable and we’re giving the average person (who thinks that $400 is actually quite a lot to spend on a bicycle) something that is lovely to ride. Despite the simplicity we’re still left with lingering doubts on component and ride quality, so it’s great for Ian to provide us with some feedback on his experience to help lay our concerns to rest. At these prices we should all have one in the garage. It certainly is a better option for a run down the shops than your full carbon race bike.


  1. Jesse Kramer

    Hi there, not sure if this is the best spot for this…

    Came across your site recently as I’m looking to get my first single speed. After looking at the usual suspects; reid, jellybean, single speed cycles, etc.

    I came across an incredibly cheap deal on a 2011 hasa, $250 + $35p&h.

    Have hasa dropped the component quality (further?) to reach that price point?

    At that price, is there any reason to go for one of the other cheap single speeds?

    It looks like the hasa is around 10-11kg, do you know how much the other cheap fixies weight?

    cheers dude, love the blog.

    1. James Pollock

      Hi Jesse and thanks for the comments.

      I would say that yes Hasa has dropped the quality of components to reach the $250 mark. The cranks are a pretty heavy and chunky looking dudes but most of the rest looks okay. What I noticed most was the notchy Joytech hubs in the wheels. Compared with the wheels on offer in the more expensive ones you’ve mentioned they’re not up to the same standard.

      At $250 you sure get a lot of value from your bike with a Hasa but if it was my money I would definitely pony up for the extra and buy any of the others you mentioned. I’ve ridden and reviewed all of them so if you Google them you’re sure to find my reviews.

      Good luck with the bike hunting.


    2. Jesse Kramer

      Ah, too good to be true.

      I see you said that if it was your money you’d go for the Reid Harrier, still true?

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