More cheap online fixies

It seems the cheap online fixie market gets a new player every week. This weekend I hope to catch up with Ben from Jelly Bean Bikes and return home to you with news of their ride and quality.

Jelly Bean Bikes
Likewise I’ve been trying to catch up with Luke from Single Speed Cycles for a ride and review. Sadly I have a real job after the blogging’s done and that’s been making it hard to catch up but stay tuned for a full review in coming weeks.

Single Speed Cycles
Just noticed this morning that another new player has hit our markets, Jube Customs. At first glance their isn’t much to separate Jube Customs from any of the other players in this increasingly crowded market. I’ll try and make contact with the Jube’s and see if they’re amenable to having their fixies ridden and reviewed by yours truly. In the meantime check them out yourself.
Jube Customs
As usual with these online retailers, details of the parts are quite scarce. I know from comments and emails I have received that this is something that worries the punters who are considering laying down their hard earned credits for one of these bikes. If I can glean any details I’ll be sure to pass them on in due course.
Meantime, check in next week for my review of Jelly Bean Bikes’ fixie and in coming weeks Single Speed Cycles single speed/fixie.

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  1. Scott Mc

    Hey James thanks for the mention. We would love you to test ride one of our super duper Fixies…please feel free to contact us via our website. Please also be sure to check out all our detailed Fixie specs on the website as well…!
    Scott and the Team at Jube Customs

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