Naked Gold Coast

I know people own the most improbably cars and never take them anywhere, Porsches and Ferraris that never see the race track and countless numbers of four wheel drives that will never desecrate the fine white sands of Rainbow Beach or Fraser Island. But to me, there is no point in owning a bike if you don’t have somewhere interesting to take it.

To wit, the Naked City Guide for the Gold Coast has been released in an interwebs format with loads of good stuff to check out. To be honest I didn’t get far past the cafes but I was reassured to see all my favourties were in there and a goodly bunch of others I now want to visit.


I’d love to visit these cafes one day and add my bike to the tangle of bikes already parked out front. At the moment it’s something of a lonely experience, usually being the only biker, or maybe there’s a Huffy or two, owned by an oversees student who anyway probably works there. There are a couple of well known hang-outs for the lycra set and it is not unusual to see $10-20,000 worth of cycles casually leaned up outside one of these. This is because time spent in lycra is officially training, so it all counts you see. If the urban/fixie/single-speed set are to adopt a cafe it’ll be among this Naked lot. Have a look, test out a few, grab a favorite, and settle in. I’ll find you there.

Black Coffee Lyrics

The website for the Naked Guide to the Gold Coast is a lovely piece of design. It’s functional, attractive and invites exploration. Although I really can’t adopt a new sport into my life without giving up an existing one I was drawn into the Sport category and there I found what appears to be extreme frisbee. It’s called Ultimate and I don’t know the rules yet but I’m assuming you weight the disc up with fish sinkers and throw them at each other at close range…if the name is anything to go by.

Anyway, I’m possibly an unreliable guide and the Naked website is only one click away so maybe you should go check it out yourself.

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