Gold Coast is now more Specialized than ever

I was riding through Nerang in the rain today and maybe the rain was doing funny things on my glasses or maybe I didn’t have a proper lunch and I was a little light headed…anyway I thought I saw a brand new Specialized store.

It was hard to miss really, being big and bright and filled with bikes and with a big red word saying “Specialized” written across the front of the store. Still I gotta question my delirium because, you know, this is the Gold Coast. Can we have our own Specialized concept store? (An aside. It’s a “concept store” when you don’t sell anything but the brand you belong to. If you sell a bunch of stuff you’re just a store. If you sell a whole bunch of stuff then you’re a “super store”. Got it?)

Let’s Roll baby

In the window of this apparition/concept store was a Globe bicycle. Globe is the brand Specialized use when they want to sell us bikes but not with a sticker saying Specialized on it. The difference is all in the name. The one I imagined/saw was not  the Roll shown above but it does raise a question. Will we get some? 

The Roll is unlike any other single speed. It has a chromoly frame, Sugino crankset and a flip/flop hub. No wait…it’s exactly like every other single speed. But it does have Reynolds’ tubing, lugged fork and presta valve tubes. (Oh, and I might have made up that bit about the flip/flopping. I’m just assuming, okay… And presta valves? Just seeing if you’re paying attention.)

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