Final words, Halo hex skewers

Having written a few words about Halo hex skewers, mostly in praise, it’s time to follow up with a few more words and then put them to bed.

Having used them for over a year now I have to say that I like the idea of these skewers but probably wouldn’t buy these same ones again. The main problem is the metal is too soft. In the last post I explained how I snapped one clean off. I thought perhaps I had over-tightened it.

Recently I rode into a Smirnoff bottle discarded by a festival goer and gave myself a pinch flat. Trying to remove the font wheel with a hex key was impossible. The hex key was a high-quality key, not some cheap round-edged piece of rubbish. But it could not turn the Halo’s bolt because the bolt rounding out inside and gave the key nowhere to get purchase. I had to walk to a bike shop and borrow a cone spanner to undo the bolt from the other side.

So was I over-tightening the skewers? Maybe. But then my first experience was that I under-tightened them.

My summation of the skewers is that they’re just too soft and that long term use of them will inevitable result in failure. It’s a pity because I wanted to like these skewers. They look good and they solve the easy-theft problem of quick release. But I’ll be removing mine soon and not replacing them.

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