Fixie Schokland

Many thanks to a reader for pointing out this one. The Fixie Schokland represents something quite different in our fixie genre, an old fashioned bike reminiscent of the Pashley Guv’nor.

I’m not sure if the bike is fixed. It uses the SRAM Automatix hub, a two speed internal hub. Perhaps the hub is fixed or perhaps it has back pedal (coaster) brakes. The SRAM website doesn’t exactly divulge, with allusive writing like this following snippet obscure of any meaning: “The new SRAM Automatix means an innovative concept realized in an internal gear hub offering unknown comfort.” Such empty words. How is that they don’t know the comfort? 
I’m going to assume, until someone corrects me, that the bike has coaster brakes because it’s illegal to sell bikes without brakes in Australia. Even fixies have to nominally exit the shop with brakes attached (and reflectors). The fact that they never do is because we approach these laws with a nod and a wink.
There are plenty more pictures and a bit of a blurb about the bike over at Dutch Cargo Bikes. It retails at $1,150, which seems like a great price for such a unique and lovely bike. Especially a lugged bike. 

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