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Reid Cycles have arrived in Brisbane. Their new Cooparoo store is opening now and we’ll be featuring it here in this blog soon.

If you don’t live in or near Bris you’re probably thinking, “Like, stiff shit huh?” Well here’s the reason why you should care. I’ll be visiting the Cooparoo store and taking their Harrier for a ride and writing you a full review. Yes, just for you. Don’t share with friends and no copying.

The Harrier is Reid Cycles top-of-line single speed/fixie, has a selection of all the usual parts seen on cheap fixies, but will set you back only $340. That’s very competitive pricing. I’ll be keen to see how this bikes stacks up against others I’ve review recently.

Reid Cycles already have stores in Melbourne and Sydney and send you a bikes via mail-order too.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have purchased the bike above with a few modifications that Rieid cycles sorted for me and it has been a great bike. This is my third bike and this is used for trips to the shops, riding into the city from Yarraville and general rides of 10km to 15km when I won’t to get outside and just have ride. The bike cost me $400 and it has been great and gets plenty of looks as it is orange in frame color and every things else is black, Thanks guys

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