Reid Review Coming Soon

I received a timely comment from a reader today:

I have purchased the bike above with a few modifications that Rieid cycles sorted for me and it has been a great bike. This is my third bike and this is used for trips to the shops, riding into the city from Yarraville and general rides of 10km to 15km when I won’t to get outside and just have ride. The bike cost me $400 and it has been great and gets plenty of looks as it is orange in frame color and every things else is black, Thanks guys 

What makes it timely is that I will be taking possession of a  Reid Harrier this weekend. It’ll spend the week here at SSGC and I’ll server up the usual mal-informed drivel and opinion for it like I do for every other bike I review.

The good news is the bike will be orange, just like the one my friend got.

I’m told I’ll have a choice of five different wheelsets to choose from. I hope they have something that’s not too deep dish because I’m starting to get over the whole deep dish thing. I hate to be contrary but we kinda need some variation. Besides deep dish rims can be heavy and ride a little choppy. Anyway, we’ll see what’s on offer. Maybe they have five types of deep dish rims? 
Stay tuned. I oughta have some first impressions and photos some time over the weekend.

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