Best of the Cheap Fixies

I’ve reviewed a few of the best cheap fixies available in this country and so far it’s all been good news for anyone wanting cheap transport or a cheap introduction to the world of cool haircuts and cheesy moustaches that await them after they buy a fixie.Every bike so far has been great to ride and priced at a point that makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t own at least one.

Here’s a wrap up of what we’ve covered so far in the order I tested them (Jelly Bean Bikes, Single Speed Cycles, Jube Customs and Reid Cycles):

Jelly Bean Single Speed Review
Jelly Bean Three Speed Review

Jube Custom Review

Reid Cycles Review

Yes Bikes

Create Bike Originals


Brown Jersey

State Bicycle Co Core and Contender

I’d be happy to have any of these bikes in my garage (assuming there was room) and any of them would give you a quality and reliable day-to-day transport beast. To the untrained eye they all look pretty much the same (okay, to the trained eye sometimes too) so I thought I’d give you a few thoughts on what makes each of them different and/or better than the other.

Jelly Bean

The internet is your friend. With Jelly Bean Bikes you can order almost any combination of colours you can think of. Jelly Bean is the choice for anyone wanting a custom bike without leaving the house. The ride is perfect for around town work and will appeal to anyone a bit newish to bikes or coming back to them. They’re committed to quick delivery and you can expect your bike two days after ordering.


Corsa by Single Speed Cycles

The student’s friend. This bike has a proper old-school charm with the curved fork blades and quill-style stem. You still get a bunch of cool colours to choose from and it’s a genuine contender for best value bike at just $350. The most comfortable bike on test, the bike soaked up the worst of the dodgy road terrain.


Jube Customs

The real custom choice. With Jube you can really let you imagination go wild. This bike has a wild side to it and the ride will suit a more aggressive rider. Probably the funnest bike to ride. If you live in or near Brisbane visit the shop to discuss the endless palette of options to pimp your fixie.


Reid Cycles

I’m not picking a winner when I say this but it’s probably the bike I’d lay my cash on. It fits in somewhere between the other bikes in terms of ride, looks and style but offers me the kind of bike I’d like to get about on day-to-day. An impressive range of good bits hang off this bike.


The Summary Bit

Everyone looks for something different in a bike and these bikes all had their distinctive personalities. It’s great that so much variation is offered in a bike that on the surface provides so little room for it and at a price that almost anyone can buy into. Read the reviews and if you still can’t decide which bike you’d like best pick one at random. You really can’t go wrong.UPDATE: Looking to buy a Reid Harrier? Click this link to get a SSGC 5% discount.


  1. Anonymous

    Hey James,

    I am looking to join the single speed club and currently are looking at buying an SE Draft Lite, Mongoose Maurice or the Reid Harrier. Just wondering what your thoughts are on the SE Draft lite?

  2. James Pollock

    I haven’t ridden the Draft SE Lite but I’ve seen it in the shops and it looks the goods but the specs say it sports a Hi-Ten steel frame and that’s a bit disappointing.

    I have of course done a full test on the Reid Harrier and I rate that very highly. I’ve always liked the look of the Mongoose Maurice and it is nicely finished. I haven’t done a full ride on it, just a test ride, but it rides nicely.

    Prices vary on the Mongoose but if you can find one priced in the same field as the Reid then just choose whichever one you think looks better.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for that info James…think it is decision time now!

  4. Anonymous

    Have you tried the Reid Griffin? Is the harrier much better than it?

    1. James Pollock

      Haven’t tried it no. But seen it in the shops and can compare it to the Harrier. For me there’s definitely $140 worth of extra value hidden in the Harrier. It has better everything, from frame to hubs, to rims and cranks. The Griffon would be a cheap school/uni run but not the sort of bike you’d get if you were keen on getting into single-speeds and fixies for the sake of it. You know what I mean? Cheap A to B transport but not something you can show off to your mates. Also, if you’re going to regularly belt it around the streets regardless of weather and/or inebriation then the Harrier will be a better investment in the long term.

    2. Anonymous

      ok, Thanks for the advice! Now to go down and test a harrier out, I’m 6,4″ so lets hope the Harrier is big enough for me.

  5. Anonymous

    Hi James, I’m looking at both the Reid Harrier and the Create original, could you please tell me a quick comparison of these bikes? Thanks a lot

  6. James Pollock

    Good question re: Harrier versus Create Originals. They might look similar but the ride of each was quite different. The Harrier has a traditional geometry and rides just like you would expect it to. The Creates Originals has a more playful nature. The Create likes you to get active on the bike, slide your bum off the back and flick the bike about. Which bike you prefer depends on your riding style and for what purpose you’re buying the bike.

  7. Anonymous

    Okay the Create sounds more like my style, being able to travel on it but also have some fun and get active on it. Do you know anything about the build quality of the Create? Because I’ve seen a lot of comments around that the Create quality is very low but the comments are all from at least a year ago, but obviously whatever I buy I would like to last a long time without much maintenance.

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