BMX video

It often seems to me that the best videos are always skateboard or BMX vids. There are something about those vehicles that allows the camera to capture the poetry of movement in a way that fixies do not. Mountain bikes can sometimes show the grace necessary for good cinematography, like the break-through Roam first did a few years back. But in general I find that skateboards and BMX are best to watch even though I’ve never really been into either of those two pastimes.

I come across the BMX video below on Vimeo. It’s a lovely piece of work and captures the almost ballet-like movements of the BMX rider. Plus, the guy is a proper old dude, like me.

A BMX is a technically a single-speed so I see no reason why I can’t post it here. Watch and enjoy.

Alain Massabova – 40 years in Paris from ART BMX MAGAZINE on Vimeo.

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