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Got a few things coming to Single Speed Gold Coast.

  1. Full review of the updated Corsa from Single Speed Cycles. Keywords here are “anodized” and “smooth”. Took it out for a 40k loop today (into some awful bloody headwinds) and just wanted to go keep going (except the headwind made me want to cry and crawl  home to mummy for some sympathy).
  2. Big feature on some of the amazing custom builds produced by the mad professor Jim Junky at Jube Customs.
  3. More junk and stupid puns.
The ride on the Corsa today was interrupted by a bogan in some kind of shitbox yelling at me, “You’re a fashion victim!” Any day I’m out riding and I upset some fat shithead in a turbo craphead I just consider that job done. Thanks mate.
I’ve had a few short commutes on the Corsa and this slightly longer ride today (that was only curtailed because the headwind was sucking away my will to live) and I’ll be putting my usual half-baked thoughts and ill-informed comments into print later this week. 
I mentioned the anodized wheels last week. They have a personality of their own. The young misfits I employ at Pogo were making fun of me the other day, telling me my bike had pink wheels. But check out the photo below and they’re almost ox-blood red. 
Over at Jube Customs the over-heated genius of Jim Junky is getting pushed to dangerously volcanic levels. You can see the results of this twisted geniuses’ works at Jube Custom’s Facebook page but I’m catching up with him soon and we’ll do a full feature on his best designs (should he have avoided the inevitable Helfgott-like breakdown in the meantime). So stay tuned.

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  1. gold coast movers

    Elegant for a ride! How much Does it cost you to have to rim colors have?

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