Getting Surly about cyclocross single speeds

My Surly RSS feed kicked off with this sentence the other day, “So, you want a Cross-Check but you have no need for all those annoying gears or drop bars?”

And I thought, sign my up. 

Here’s their picture:

Has some tasty gear and retails for $999 in the US so with the Aus dollar being worth more than the US dollar at the moment they should only be about $1,600 when they land here…of $3,500 if they were sold by Adobe. You can read Surly’s version here.

I’ve never owned a cyclocross bike but I imagine they’d make near  perfect city bikes. Strip away the unnecessary gears and they’re even more perfecter. (Wow, my spellchecker doesn’t want to correct “perfecter”. On the other hand, the word “spellchecker” is an abhorrent conjugation it wants to purge.)

It got me thinking about other cyclocross frames that run single speed. There are some good ones. 

Velogear has the Wazoo from Voodoo available for under $600. It has sliding drop-outs.

Salsa make the Salsa Chili Con Crosso with swapable drop-outs.

Redline have the Conquest in SS mode:

One One have the Pompino (which I think are available in Australia):

There are also bikes that are a little cyclocrossy like the Konda Paddy Wagon:

I know I’m cheating when I say “cyclocrossy” (and my spellchecker hates it). It’s not like cyclocross bikes are out there on a limb of bicycle evolution by themselves. I’ve probably pushed the whole cyclocross angle too far but you know we’re all meant to be cheesey moustache wielding hipsters and cyclocross is meant to be the next big thing for us. So why not combine two stereotypes, roll up our pants legs and make everybody happy?

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