Growing bamboo bikes business

I’ve got some bamboo in the backyard. It’s the clumping type that doesn’t become a pest, unless you plant it too close to the neighbour’s fence and it bangs against their guttering during high winds. It pretty much grows itself and when combined with some dowel and a drill or some wire and zip ties it can construct all manner of useful things.

If anyone cared less about my bamboo fencing I might tell you all about it but…you can’t really give a rat’s….so I’ll cut to the bikes.

Wanna bamboo bike but prefer to buy one that doesn’t exist in production yet? Want to be part of a growing business (pun intended, but it’s pretty sad pun)? Get on board with Ozon.

They’re on kickstarter looking to fund a trial of their bamboo bikes. You can pledge just $10 and get a limited edition spoke card (and I just love spoke cards). For $100 you get a day in the workshop building your own bamboo frame. Sounds like great value but don’t rush in if you’re an Australian reader. I just booked my return air fair (business class of course, I’m not flying economy halfway round the world to build a bike out of grass) and discovered my apparently cheap bike (I’m prepared to supply the bamboo) is costing me well over $6,000. That’s the entire budget of  the kickstarter campaign. I could have funded my own bamboo bike and still had money left over to pledge toward a hemp water bottle.

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