Bike Dancing

I like Facebook but I’ve never really got my head around the whole of it. You can subscribe to my blog via Facebook and get all this drivel sent directly to your wall (or news feed or whatever part of your face it actually goes to). So I got that far but I don’t understand the whole Facebook thing.

Part of the problem is that Facebook have had a schizophrenic past, with what appeared at times to be random and arbitrary changes. For instance, the welcome page was awesome. You could direct people to that page, show them a nice video, promise them the world, and then maybe they’d like you. Then it’s all replaced with a friggin’ timeline!

One of the things I’ve never learned to do is  write on someone’s wall. (Or maybe I just prefer to say private things in public and pretend I didn’t know. “Hey J, how’d the tests go? You allowed to go womanizing again this weekend?”)

Thankfully other people are all over the technology. People like Brendelle, who posted this to the SSGC Facebook page:

In terms of using the whole bike I reckon that guy has it all  going. You young fellas trying to bust out some moves on your fixie take note of his creativity. Holds a beat too.

Kind of brings to mind the seminal bike dancing scene from Quicksilver:

Yeah, sorry.

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