Go Like a Bike Instead

How hard is it to like someone? Really? In my day there were actual emotions involved but nowadays it’s all done at the push of a button. So it’s dead easy really.

If you’re too miserable even for that then consider the pay-off. For starters, someone might like you in return. Or, in this case, give you a new bike.

I certainly find the prospect of someone buying my friendship more appealing than the kind of Facebook slacktivism inherent in saving Pussy Riot, ending global warming or Koni’s reign.

In the case of the Koni stuff the Ugandan president unambiguously tells us to stop banging on about the bloody Koni fella already. The Ugandan government already took care of that scoundrel and now want to get on with delivering their election promise to give a single speeder to every child over 10 (or that’s what I’d promise anyway), which needs a strong economy, tourism industry and international investment. So, in the interests of building a fixie utopia in Africa and making Amama Mbabazi the deity of our Rastafixie religion I urge you to stop with the Koni rubbish and go like Reid instead.

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