Brown Jersey Coming Soon

I already own a brown  jersey, just not a very good one. It’s a big ugly thing made from hand-spun wool and it’s about the warmest jumper I’ve ever owned. Weighs 10kg wringing wet. Apart from the weight it has almost nothing in common with other Brown Jersey that will soon grace my home, the Brown Jersey fixie/single speeder.

Brown Jersey are a Sydney based company (that’s Sydeny if you, like me, still can’t say Sydney without doing a Juan Antonio Samaranch impersonation) that is offering you and I the chance to buy some lovely fixies, single speeders, mixte and geared bikes with internal hub bikes from their online store.
Brown Jersey aren’t just fixies. I love that Brown Jersey is offering a mixte. There is so much to like about mixtes. They have stand-over room without being a full-on girls bike. They have that lovely line from the top tube that runs straight into and becomes the seat stays. And they look brilliant. I own a mixte but unfortunately my mixte  fits in a box. That is, it’s in pieces, in a box. Once day it’ll come out, get stripped and painted and rebuilt in all it’s glory. For a ride to the shop, casual loop around the block, ride with the dogs kinda bike the mixte is hard to beat.
I also like that Brown Jersey are offering us a 5-speed internal hub. I know that’s an admission of guilt for a die-hard single speeder. To clarify, I didn’t say I wanted one, I just said I like the  fact that they’re offering one. Single-speeds aren’t for everyone but derailleur gears can be a bit of a pain the arse. I’ve written before about my admiration for 3-speed hubs and I’d be interested to see how the Sturmey Archer gears perform. 
Not that I’ll be getting one of those for review of course. We wouldn’t want to disappoint the reader. This is a single speed and fixie blog so we’ll be getting a Brown Jersey fixie/single speeder for review.
To whet your appetite. Brown Jersey bikes have:
  • double-butted tubes
  • lugged straight blade forks
  • just one gear
  • come in a range of colours
(This one comes in the colour blue.)
Yes, you can see from my list above that I’m holding my fire somewhat for the actual review. I’m sure if you’re curious for more you visit their website. Probably you should because the actual review is some time off still. I have to go on holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia first (I know, poor me huh?) and then I have to come back and ride the bike (oh the cruelty) and pen some fine words about the bike for you. Give me about a month.

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