Super Christmas Day Foods

I don’t put  much credit into magic. I use the term loosely and often but don’t readily believe in it. There is no real magic inherent in steel frames (unless good design puts it there). Holistic is just another word for gullible. And superfoods is another word for fad.

That said, some foods are better than others. Even if they aint got no fucking magic.

Raw foods is another trend in eating healthy and like most things connected with our health it’s got its measure of mysticism about it. According to some there are some kinda enzymes or some immeasurables in the food that are killed when we cook  them. Read the raw food literature and they’ll let you know that people have healed what ails them and improved their wellness (a made up word and chimera of  a concept if ever there was one) through eating raw.

Still, while I might disregard the hyperbole, I don’t like to throw out the baby with the bathwater. If there are things to be gained from the disinformation surrounding certain foods and ways of eating then why not borrow from them where appropriate. Hence I bring you…

Raw Food Christmas Treats

It  would be fair to say  that the only raw foods I have ever prepared are the sweets. I’ve made raw ice-cream and hazelnut balls and my wife has made cakes and desserts. It’s great because they’re delicious and nutritious and you  can eat them for breakfast (which is pretty much everyone’s goal, to eat sweets for breaky).
What I’ve got for you  here today is a recipe for making healthy rumballs. The beauty of these fellas is they’re sweet tasty  and  healthy and heaps easy to prepare.

Before you start: you’ll need a decent food processor or blender.


  • 200 grammes of macadamias*
  • 200 grammes of cashews*
  • 250 grammes of Loving Earth** cacao nibs
  • 200  – 300 grammes of pitted  dates
  • 200ml of rum
  • half a tablespoon of  coconut  fat
  • dessicated coconut
Bung  it  all in a blender and mix the blend the fuck out of it. If you  blend it enough you’ll release the fat  in the cocao nibs and  you’ll end  up with a sticky mess. Roll them into rumball sized balls  and store them in the fridge. The  fats will go solid when cold and you’ll end up with proper hard little balls.
These  rumballs taste great and  are  reasonably healthy. Though  high  in fat it’s mostly good  fats, with the exception of coconut  fat.  Coconut  fat is another  of those  foods with  mystic  properties for  the initiated  and  suitably gullible. There’s no science  behind it though and the consumption of saturated fats  in coconut  should probably be minimised.  The calorific value is very  high  in these guys, which is a problem on Christmas day but if you make the same  recipe  without the rum you’ve got a great food  to stick in your back pocket when riding. While sedentary people should  fear good proper healthy food like these balls we  cyclist can enjoy a proper diet balanced with a goodly dose  of excise.  Enjoy.

We  added a little maple syrup to our balls this time to make them more palatable for kiddies. A bit of honey would  do the same job. 
* Or other nuts
* I specify Loving Earth because my friend works there. You  can use another brand and I wont tell  anyone.

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