Custom Subrosa Fixie For Sale

You don’t see too many genuinely unique fixies. My own bike has carefully curated rust on the down tube to match the Carver surf racks and the casual air of neglect but is otherwise a matt black with orange bits. So of course it’s inspirational and everyone wants to copy it right? But what if you live by the sea? Or don’t  like riding the fixie equivalent of a clapped out Ford Escort? Well you have to curate something original.

You can go a couple ways. You can work alone and come up with something like this, an honest effort but not an extravagant head turner. (No offence but it looks exactly like the bike I would put together, except for the tasteful decoration of rust). Or you can work with someone like Jube Customs to produce this. Now you’re talking.

Or you could buy this:

Sadly this content and the picture have been removed at the request of the buyer. He wasn’t as thrilled at being featured in this blog as I thought he probably might be.

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